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  • Testimonails

    Andrew David – Commercial Operations
    ” Auction.com is the world’s leading online real estate marketplace, we purchased a list and appending projects from Venuseglobal for our in-house file. On the initial drop of the campaign, we emailed to almost 15,000 contacts and had an 94.3% delivery rate. The team at Venus was courteous, knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend their services if you are looking to expand your prospecting or nurture marketing list.”
    Jamie Smith – Marketing Communications Specialist
    “After a carefully review of 4 different alternatives for emails sources for our email campaign, we found in VenuseGlobal a serious company that accomplish with our service level criteria. This was our first experience in e-marketing fields and we always received the accurate feedback from Venus equipment. Good Job Venus!”
    Doug Tarter – VP of Marketing
    My experience with your company was excellent. When I started the process to find a list, your sales person was helpful and tenacious. (her name Sharon) When we finally agreed upon a program, the list was delivered as promised and the continued follow-up was in the same excellent mode as the first contact.
    Glenn Masline- Communication Manager
    Hi Sharon, Thank you for your call today and all the explanation. I sincerely have to compliment you on your service and I enjoy having business with your company. Delivery timelines are very short and the cost for service is very reasonable. I am pleased with the proactive approach you take to clear out any misunderstanding to provide me with best data available. Your data quality is very good as well. I wish your company to keep growing so you would be able to provide even more data for the remote countries or rare specialties. I know, perfection is always a goal and I would love to have targeted telephone numbers for the physicians, but I am quite satisfied so far with personal emails for each person.
    Richard Hill- I.T Manager
    The service received from Venus’s team front and back end was prompt. You were really helpful after all the back and forth and your team put the list together very quickly. I would say “Under promised and over delivered”
    Fred Pratt – Air
    “The teams at Venuse were great to work with! They were flexible and quick to respond to all of our questions. Their list was accurate and any ‘dead’ leads were quickly replaced. I would recommend them for lead lists in Canada/US!”
    Brian D. Miller – Global Product Line Director Clinical Chemistry and Enzymes
    I’m very pleases with the contacts we’ve acquired since they helped SECUDE to generate quite a number of leads for last 3-5 projects in 12 months
    Jurgen Heyman – Vice President, Managing Director SPI Europe
    I am very pleased with the service provided by Venus on our recent list purchase. The pricing and service we received was top notch and the results from our first campaign using the list were impressive.
    Rich Quattrochi
    Much better MS Dynamics users list than I originally bought. Results have been good so far; will come back for my new requirement couple of months down the lane. I am pleased with the service that I have been receiving from Venus.
    Jim Keenan
    Venus is one of our preferred list vendor for B2B data. Wish to continue the long term business alliance with Venus.